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Advanced Certification Options


Reiki-ssage® Certification Program
The Reiki-ssage Certified Practitioner Program is a 200-hour workshop series comprised of classroom hours, hands-on practice time, and study time.  Certification is awarded upon successful completion of a written and practical exam given several times throughout the year.

The program consists of five weekend workshops that can be completed in as little as 4 months!

Excellence in any discipline can only come through experience.  Therefore, to round out the training program, the student will complete 100 hours of documented practice sessions.  These practice sessions are to be completed between workshops and documented on copies of the form provided in the workshop manual.

We strongly suggest completing the practice hours using this combination:

  • Before attending the Reiki-Reflex Workshop, complete 25 hours of practice sessions.
  • Before attending the Reiki-ssage Mastery Workshop, complete a total of 75 hours of practice sessions.
  • Before registering for the Certification Exam, you must have completed the 100 hours of documented practice sessions.

2003 Workshop Information

Click here to review the Reiki-ssage I Workshop Information

Click here to review the Reiki-ssage II Workshop Information

Click here to review the Reiki-ssage Mastery Workshop Information

At the successful completion of the workshop series and the Certification Exam, students will be eligible to use the title Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner.


The Program Flow
Reiki-ssage I Workshop    $265
The Reiki-ssage Certification Program begins with the Reiki-ssage I Workshop.  This program presents a tremendous volume of information and the entire healing philosophy is not wrapped up until the final 30 minutes of the weekend.  At the conclusion of this workshop, the student receives a Certification of Completion.

Reiki-ssage I Proficiency Workshop   $165
After completing the Reiki-ssage I Workshop, the student is expected to begin using the system to develop a strong grasp of the technique.  The next step is the Reiki-ssage I Proficiency Workshop.  This is a repeat of the original Reiki-ssage I Workshop.  This time, however, the student experiences the training with a "big picture" understanding of the System.  

Students often report their amazement over the amount of information that seemed new.  For many, it is as if they were attending a new workshop!  The student receives refinement in body mechanics and technique from the instructors.

At the end of the Reiki-ssage I Proficiency Workshop, the student is awarded a certificate and recognition as a Reiki-ssage Practitioner.

Practice Management Workshop   $165             Feb 15th Only  $99!
Any time during the workshop series prior to the Reiki-ssage Mastery Workshop, the Practice Management Workshop may be taken.  Learn to create, promote, and run a thriving natural therapies practice.  This one-day 8 hour workshop is based on the new book, Preventative Care & Maintenance for the Health of Your Practice by Rick Vrenios, LMT.

CPR & First Aid Certification   $50 for CPR   $40 for First Aid
In compliance with the industry standard, nearly all health care modalities require current certification in CPR and First Aid.  Learn how to recognize and respond to health crisis situations.

Reiki-Reflex Workshop   $265
The third step in the Reiki-ssage Certification Program is the Reiki-Reflex Workshop.  This weekend workshop begins with advanced refinements to the Reiki-ssage technique and then evolves into the Reiki-Reflex System -- a blissfully relaxing integration of Reiki, Zone Therapy, and Reflexology.  It is strongly recommended that the student complete 25 hours of documented practice sessions prior to attending this workshop.

At the completion of this workshop, the student receives a Certificate of Completion and recognition as an Advanced Reiki-ssage Practitioner.

Advanced Reiki-Reflex Workshop   $265
The fourth step in the program is the Advanced Reiki-Reflex workshop.  The  Reiki-Reflex foot technique is refined under  the supervision of the instructors, the technique is expanded to the hands and ears, the therapeutic application for many common disease processes are explored, and the student gains greater mastery of understanding in the systems of healing.

At the completion of this workshop, the student receives a certificate and recognition as a Reiki-Reflex Practitioner.

Reiki-ssage Mastery Workshop   $325
The final phase of the training series is the Reiki-ssage Mastery Workshop.  Deeply profound insights into the secrets of healing, our role in the universe, and our influence in the lives of others are revealed.  A complete understanding of the system is mastered and the techniques for Reiki-ssage and Reiki-Reflex are further refined into greater mastery.

At the completion of the workshop a certificate is awarded and the student is recognized as a Reiki-ssage III Practitioner.

Reiki-ssage Certification Exam   $99
The final step before Certification is the Reiki-ssage Certification Exam.  It is a comprehensive written and practical exam that ensures the student has a strong grasp of the philosophy and skills associated with the practice of Reiki-ssage and Reiki-Reflex.  With a passing grade, the student is awarded the title Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner.


The Program Actually Pays for Itself!
The entire program costs only $1500 spread out over five workshops.  If you can get to the first class, the course can pay for itself.

True skill and mastery can only come through experience.  So, an essential part of the program is the 100 hours of documented practice sessions.  If you asked family and friends to contribute only $15 for each one-hour practice session to your educational fund (and who wouldn’t pay $15-20 for an hour of Reiki-ssage or Reiki-Reflex?), then you will have earned $1500 by the completion of the program!  You can use your required practice sessions to pay for the class!  

Click Here to Learn to How to Save Big on Tuition!

Need a professional massage table?  The Reiki Council offers excellent-quality, name brand tables and table packages ranging from $229 quality budget tables to $600 professional packages.  Charge your family and friends $20 a session and you’ve paid for the classes and your table!  

Want to get your first class paid for?  Sell gift certificates in advance of the class to raise the initial $265.  You will then have a list of practice subjects ready to go when you finish the first class!  Most massage schools charge clients $20-25 in their student clinics, and the money goes to the school.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to let your internship pay for your education.


The Certification Exam
The Reiki-ssage Certification Exam is given several times throughout the year.  It is a comprehensive exam covering the Reiki-ssage System, Reiki-Reflex System and the Reiki-ssage Mastery information.

The written exam is a 100 question multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank test.  A minimum grade of 75% is required to pass.  The practical exam will include demonstration of techniques associated with the Reiki-ssage and Reiki-Reflex systems.

The cost of the exam is $99 including a $25 non-refundable registration fee.


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Reiki-ssage Workshop Series



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