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Frequently Asked Questions about the Reiki-ssage Exemption in Illinois

If you have a question about Reiki-ssage and the Illinois Massage Law and do not see your answer in the FAQs below, please e-mail your questions to: info@reikicouncil.com.

Please, Do Not Call!  We cannot dedicate the time to answer each persons questions individually.

The Reiki-ssage & The Law Handouts Download Link is Below.



  • I notice that your advertisements all call this "body therapy", "bodywork", "touch therapy", etc.  As a client, is Reiki-ssage massage, and why don't you just say "massage" to be clear?
  • I am a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner.  Do I need a massage therapy license to practice in Illinois?
  • I attended a few Reiki-ssage classes, but I am not a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner.  Can I practice legally under the law?
  • I have completed all of my classes, but I have not taken the exam.  Can I work professionally (charge a fee)?
  • The American Massage Therapy Association's Illinois Chapter Web Site clearly states that a massage license is required to practice Reiki-ssage because it simply Reiki with Massage.  Who is right?


Questions and Answers

  • I notice that your advertisements all call this "body therapy", "bodywork", "touch therapy", etc.  As a client, I have to ask... is Reiki-ssage massage, and why don't you just say "massage" to be clear?

    The new Illinois Massage Act provides for something called "title protection".  The law dictates that only massage therapists licensed by the State of Illinois are allowed to call what they do "massage".  Because Reiki-ssage is specifically not massage therapy, we cannot legally call this work "massage".  Many of the techniques have close relationships to massage, and if you were to observe someone doing massage and Reiki-ssage side-by-side, you may not notice a major difference.  However, the "magic" of Reiki-ssage is the way we use energy and spirit to blend with the physical touch.  What happens "under the surface" is what makes Reiki-ssage so different.  Since the very first Reiki-ssage Workshop years ago, we have been very clear that Reiki-ssage is not massage therapy training.

  • I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I do Reiki.  Therefore, I do Reiki-ssage right?

    Not even close!  Reiki-ssage is not massage with Reiki.  It is a very specific approach to healing that offers a unique therapeutic intention and a unique therapeutic approach to help the client move into the ideal state for the body to begin healing itself.  

    Reiki-ssage training is not massage therapy training and massage therapy training does not teach you do Reiki-ssage.  The use of the term Reiki-ssage is protected by the U.S. Trademark Office and unauthorized use of the name is illegal.  In the same way that massage therapists wanted to separate themselves from prostitution through licensure and title protection, Reiki-ssage has its own title protection to prevent imitators from confusing the public.

  • I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I do Reiki.  Can I just take the Reiki-ssage exam?

    No!  Reiki-ssage is based on a very unique understanding of what is health and how touch, energy, and spirit combine together to create true healing.  The systematic approach through the subtle bodies, the methods of working with the energy system, and the process of working with the spirit are exclusive to Reiki-ssage.  To be effective, you must know the system and the philosophy that supports it, and you can get that training no where else.

    We have had medical doctors, chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists, and massage therapists all come through the program.  No matter what previous training they have had, Reiki-ssage is different.  You must complete the education before you can take the exam.

  • I took some classes from an organization teaching Reiki massage, is that the same?

    The developers and trademark owners of Reiki-ssage have granted the Reiki Council the exclusive authority to provide Reiki-ssage training.  All Reiki-ssage Classes are sponsored by and presented by teachers certified by the Reiki Council.  If your certificate is not from the Reiki Council, it is not Reiki-ssage and it is an imitation.  

  • I am a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner.  Do I need a massage therapy license to practice in Illinois?

    No, the State of Illinois has provided a series of exemptions for therapeutic modalities that are similar to massage therapy, but do not claim to be massage therapy.  To qualify for these exemptions there are a series of rules.  The first rule is that you must be granted authorization to work by the modality's governing body (the Reiki Council for Reiki-ssage).  This demands the completion of all class and practice requirements and successful passing of the Reiki-ssage Certification Exam.  The second rule is that Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioners cannot use the term "massage" in promotional material unless they are also a licensed massage therapist.

  • I attended a few Reiki-ssage classes, and I'm really good.  But, I am not a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner.  Can I legally practice professionally under the law?

    No you cannot.  Just as the Illinois Massage Act has exclusive legal right to the terms "massage", "massage therapy", and "massage therapist", only Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioners in good standing can call their work Reiki-ssage.  The term "Reiki-ssage" is protected by a trademark through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Only individuals who are Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioners are entitled to the legal exemption under the law.

    If you are a current student, you can work as a student to help you complete your required practice hours.  However, you must identify yourself as a student, and you cannot charge a fee for your services.  The Reiki Council does allow students to accept voluntary gratuities.

  • I have completed all of my classes, but I have not taken the exam.  Can I work professionally (charge a fee)?

    No.  One of the rules set forth by the Illinois Massage Act is that to work under an exempted modality, you must be fully certified.  That means you must have demonstrated competency in an exam setting.

    By the way, this policy also applies to experienced massage therapists.  Reiki-ssage is a very different approach to bodywork, with a very different intent, and a very different approach.  To practice Reiki-ssage professionally, you must be Certified by the Reiki Council.

  • The American Massage Therapy Association's Illinois Chapter Web Site clearly states that a massage license is required to practice Reiki-ssage because it simply Reiki with Massage.  Who is right?
    The AMTA was instrumental in spearheading the licensing of massage therapists in Illinois and many other states around the country.  In the process, they have been known to "misinterpret" the law or "provide incorrect opinions" on the meaning of the law, and it is always to their favor.  At one point, they "interpreted the law" in such a way that the only massage therapy association in the country that was acceptable was the AMTA.

    Once again, the AMTA is wrong on an important matter affecting the right to practice for hundreds of practitioners in Illinois.  They have been contacted on several occasions and have refused to correct their incorrect statements.  The law they sponsored is clearly on our side and seven independent attorneys agree.

  • What does becoming a member of the Reiki Council professional association do for me as a practitioner?

    The biggest benefit is that it helps you to be a part of a professional network for communication and education.  Plus, being a member of the Reiki Council as a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner also gives you the benefit of a second legal exemption that supports your freedom to practice without needing a massage license.

  • I am a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner and I am being challenged by the Illinois Massage Board.  What do I do?

    First, don't panic.  The law is clearly on our side, and this is merely a formality.  Print out the hand-outs using the links below.  Contact the Reiki Council and let us know what is happening.  By presenting the clear interpretation of the law outlined within the hand-outs, you should absolutely no problem with the process.  It would be helpful to make sure that you are a member of the Reiki Council Professional Association so you have two exemptions protecting you, but the Reiki Council will help guide you through the process.  As long as you are Certified by the Reiki Council, you are permitted to work professionally in the State of Illinois.



Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioners
and Reiki-ssage Students...


 You Can't Afford To Miss This Meeting!

If you intend to practice Reiki-ssage professionally in the State of Illinois and do not have an Illinois Massage License, you absolutely need to have this information!  Please join us on Thursday, Jan 13th at the Reiki Council's Glen Ellyn office from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  

In this final presentation of Reiki-ssage & the Law Meeing, you will receive all the information you need and you will have this final opportunity to ask any questions you may have.   We can't emphasize enough how important this meeting is to you and your freedom to practice.

As of January 1, 2005, the Illinois Massage Law requires all massage therapists and all practitioners who describe their work as a form of "massage" to have a valid Illinois Massage License.  This has serious impact on your freedom to work!

Reiki-ssage is exempt from require a massage license, but there are very specific rules that we must follow to maintain that exemption.  Failure to comply with those rules will expose you to fines and potential criminal charges.

At this meeting, you will learn...

  • Who qualifies for the grandfather clause to receive a massage license?
  • What critical rules do we need to comply with to maintain the exemption?
  • What do we need to know to safely market Reiki-ssage in compliance with the law?
  • What easy step do we have available that doubles our legal protection under the law?
  • What happens if you are not a Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioner by Jan 1, 2005?
  • Why is Reflexology only Partially Exempt? 
  • If I am a Reflexologist, what are my restrictions under the law?
  • If I was trained in Reiki-Reflex only and not Certified in Reiki-ssage what limitations do I face?

The presentation will be followed by an open question and answer session, so you can resolve any remaining concerns you may still have about the professional practice of Reiki-ssage.

Please call or e-mail to confirm your attendance.  This will allow us to supply enough printed materials and chairs.

We are requesting a $10 donation for this meeting to cover costs.

For driving directions, go to the www.reikicouncil.com web site and click on the "Click Here for Driving Directions" link near the top of the page.

We hope to see you there!

Again, we can't emphasize enough how important these programs are to our future!  We don't want to have any of our students or graduates be challenged by the Massage Board for practicing without a license, because they didn't follow the simple and reasonable rules set forth under the law.  This program will show you how to legally work freely and remain outside the jurisdiction of the Illinois Massage Board.

Because of the number of people who have studied Reiki-ssage, the Reiki Council simply does not have the staff or the time to answer everyone's questions individually.  This meeting is your last opportunity to ask questions about this critical topic.

What If I Can't Attend?

What if I can't attend on Jan 13th?

We suggest that you download the meeting handouts and read them in your own time. 

Click Here to download the handouts now.

If you have trouble opening the documents, you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It is a free program and is a standard document format for the web.  It is available through the Adobe web site.


What if I have questions after reading the handouts?

Our first and strongest suggestion is that you make arrangements to attend the meeting! 

However, if there is no possible way for you to attend, we have two other suggestions: 

1. You can contact the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation at http://www.ildpr.com/.


2. You can use our web site's FAQ feature.

As mentioned before, we can't dedicate the time to answer each person's questions individually.  Do not call the Reiki Council office, because you will be given these same instructions:

First, check the http://www.reiki-ssage.com/ web site's Illinois Massage Law FAQ page.  If you do not find your answer there, submit your question via e-mail to:

info @ reikicouncil.com
(Notice that there are spaces surrounding the "@" in e-mail address, this is an anti-spam listing.  Please omit the spaces when sending your e-mail.) 

We will post your question and an answer as soon as possible.  If you want priority handling of your questions, we suggest you find a way to attend the meeting.

Reiki-ssage & the Law Handouts
Click on the link above to download the Reiki-ssage & the Law Handouts.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this document.

If you do not have this software click here to install it:




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