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Learn Reiki-Reflex!

Blissfully Relaxing Reiki-Reflex

Reiki-ReflexTM is the amazing integration of Reflexology and Zone Therapy concepts with Reiki or other energy work. This workshop is the second of three levels in the Reiki-ssage® Certification Series.

Starting where Reiki-ssage® left off, Reiki-ReflexTM continues the progression toward creating a true Multi-Dimensional TouchTM through the body reflex zones and subtle lines of communication.

Find out why the Reiki-ReflexTM booth had a constant line from 30 minutes before the Pamper Me Expo opened until 90 minutes after the expo closed, while other reflexologists were standing around!

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Co-developer, Connie Vrenios demonstrating 
the Reiki-Reflex Technique on a lucky volunteer!

At this workshop, you will learn...
  • Advanced Reiki-ssage® techniques to improve your skills and utilize the subtleties that make a huge difference in the quality of your sessions.
  • Expanded ability to provide Multi-Dimensional Touch™ and influence the physical, etheric, and astral bodies with greater awareness and effectiveness.
  • Usable knowledge of Reflex Zones and Zone Therapy concepts.
  • Understandings of the impact of today's stress lifestyle and how Reiki-ssage® and Reiki-Reflex can stop and even reverse the devastating consequences.
  • The skills to provide the easy-to-learn Reiki-Reflex technique for hands and feet. We have found that Reiki-Reflex is so relaxing that most clients drift into sleep!
  • Insights into the magnitude and significance behind the interconnectedness of life and applications for Reiki-Reflex.
  • Specific applications of Reiki-ReflexTM that can stimulate the Body's natural healing processes and effectively support the care for many common health issues.

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You will receive...
During this information-packed weekend, you will receive an outstanding workbook, hands-on training, lecture and discussion, and a certificate of completion.

Massage Therapists can receive 16 contact hours for continuing education by attending this workshop.


Completion of Reiki-ssage I Proficiency Workshop with any authorized instructor.

- For certification we strongly recommend -

  • Completion of the Reiki-ssage I Workshop
  • Completion of the Reiki-ssage I Proficiency Workshop
  • Completion of a minimum of 25 documented practice session


Registration Fees...
The Reiki-Reflex Workshop is only $265 per person!

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required with your registration to reserve your seat.

Seating is limited.  Advance Registration is Required.

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Reiki-ssage Workshop Series




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