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Reiki-ssage in Madison


1. Do I need to attend both the workshop and the proficiency on the same weekend?
This is a common misunderstanding.  The Reiki-ssage I Workshop is a 2-day course.  You must attend both days to complete the Reiki-ssage I Workshop.

At this workshop, there will also be students who have already attended the Reiki-ssage I Workshop and are returning to review the class for credit on a proficiency level.

The Reiki-ssage I Workshop presents a tremendous amount of information.  The entire approach to healing is not wrapped up until the final 45 minutes of the workshop.  For people seeking advanced training in 2003, the second level of the workshop series is to repeat the level 1 workshop.  This lets you reinforce your grasp of the Reiki-ssage concept.  Plus, it gives you additional time to allow the instructors to refine the flow of the system, your technique, and your body mechanics.  Finally, it strengthens your ability to provide and perceive through the Multi-Dimensional Touch.

People having completed the Reiki-ssage I Proficiency have reported being amazed that it seemed like a brand new workshop.  They could not believe how much new information they discovered the second time around.

Starting in 2004, the second level will no longer be a repeat of Reiki-ssage I.  It will be a pure Advanced Reiki-ssage Workshop.  It will feature extensive hands-on time and concentrated emphasis on the essential information and techniques that will help you master the system.


Info Request!
By popular demand, the Reiki Council Training Center is bringing the Reiki-ssage Workshop to the Madison, Wisconsin area October 19-20.  Registrations for this event can be purchased through the Reiki Council Training Center, and very soon through local registration sites in the Madison area.

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