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News & Events


Reiki-ssage Audio CDs Available Now! 
Rick and Connie Vrenios, creators of the Reiki-ssage System of Healing, have released the first two audio CDs in the Reiki-ssage series.  The first CD presents a 60 minute, guided Reiki-ssage session for clients on a massage table.  Rick narrates the step-by-step process through the Reiki-ssage technique over the beautiful music of Gary Lamb.  The CDs include all the great reminders that make the session so much easier to learn.

The second CD offers both a 20-minute and a 30-minute Reiki-ssage session.  These are intended for the Chair technique, but we use them for a 30-minute table session too!

Coming very soon, the 60 minute Reiki-Reflex foot technique will be available on CD, as will the 30-minute Reiki-Reflex foot and the 30-minute Reiki-Reflex hand technique.

Any one CD is available for $20.  We also have combination sets.  The Reiki-ssage 2-CD set or the Reiki-Reflex 2-CD set is available for $35 each.  Or, you can buy all 4 CDs for only $65!

The CDs are designed for people who have already been through the Reiki-ssage classes.  Segments of the CD may not make sense without this prior training.  For massage therapists, the CD is the technique only.  The philosophy and intention of Reiki-ssage is different from traditional massage, and these differences are not explained in the CD.  To get the maximum benefit, attend the Reiki-ssage Workshop. 

For information on the Reiki-ssage Audio CDs or to order, call Reiki Council at 630-926-5891.


Reiki-ssage Training Video Coming Soon!
Rick and Connie Vrenios, creators of the Reiki-ssage System of Healing, are currently developing the Reiki-ssage Training Video Series.  The tape/DVD series will include:

Tape 1: The Reiki-ssage Table Technique
Tape 2: The Reiki-ssage Chair Technique
Tape 3: The Reiki-Reflex Foot Technique
Tape 4: The Reiki-Reflex Hand Technique

While each video will cover the technique and essential supporting information, it is not intended as a replacement for the Reiki-ssage Workshop Training Series.  Obviously, we can't effectively condense a 19 hour training program into a 90-120 minute video.  

In response to many student requests for a video to guide them through the steps of the technique as they learn to master the system, Rick and Connie have the project in development right now.

The videos will be available individually or as sets: Reiki-ssage Chair and Table Technique Set, Reiki-Reflex Hand and Foot Technique Set, or the entire Reiki-ssage Training 4 Video Series.  They will be available for sale on our web site or discounted at our workshops.

For people unsure about investing in the Reiki-ssage Workshop Series, the video will give you a good introduction into the depth of the program.  Based on that, you can make the best decision for your education dollars.

Yes!  Please let me know when this Video Training Series becomes available.

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Reiki-ssage a Big Hit At Camp Jeep 2002!
The Reiki Council Healing Center Staff were invited by Jeep and Esquire Magazine to offer Reiki-ssage, Reiki-Reflex, and Reiki Energy Balancing at the 2002 Camp Jeep event in Branson Missouri at the end of July.

The event attracted thousands of Jeep Owners from all over North America.  Rick and Connie Vrenios provided 240 sample Reiki-ssage sessions in 3 days!  People from all over the U.S. wanted to know when we would be teaching the system in their town.  Regular massage just wouldn't cut it any more.

The Esquire/Reiki Council schedule was booked solid each day within the first hour.  People were waiting at the Spa area hoping for a no-show.  No shows were filled within seconds.

Consumers all across America are looking for Reiki-ssage Practitioners.  Be the first in your area!


Exemption from New Illinois Massage Law!
Reiki-ssage will receive an exemption from the new Illinois Massage Therapy Law going into effect January 1, 2005.  Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioners will be eligible to practice professionally in Illinois within the Reiki-ssage Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics without a massage license.


Congratulations to the first Certified Practitioners!
Congratulations to the first class of students to complete the entire Reiki-ssage Certification workshop series and successfully pass the Certification Exam.  Phillip Racette, Vicki Fields, and Deb Lopez are our new Certified Reiki-ssage Practitioners.

They have worked extremely hard and have proven themselves to be outstanding Reiki-ssage Practitioners. 


More Congratulations!
Phillip Racette, one of our first graduating students, has been hired by the new Integrative Medicine Department of Evanston Hospital.  The new department will be opening in September.  Congratulations Phillip, you've earned it!

Vicki Fields, another member of our first graduating class, has been hired to offer Reiki-ssage and Reiki-Reflex for a busy chiropractic office in Seneca, Illinois.  Her work with Cerebral Palsy and other serious conditions has been remarkable.


Reiki-ssage® Comes to Madison!
By popular demand, the Reiki Council Training Center is bringing the Reiki-ssage Workshop to the Madison, Wisconsin area March 28-30.  Registrations for this event can be purchased through the Reiki Council Training Center, and very soon through local registration sites in the Madison area.

To be on our Madison Reiki-ssage e-mail list enter your name and e-mail address here:

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Reiki-ssage® Trademark Granted!
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Registered Service Mark status to the term "Reiki-ssage".  This action provides great benefit to practitioners and the public.  Only those licensed to use the term "Reiki-ssage" by the Rick and Connie Vrenios and the Reiki Council Training Center may call their work "Reiki-ssage".

This benefits the public and practitioners by providing a clear identity for the work they do while preventing other systems from implying affiliation with our system of healing.


Reiki-ssage® Coming to Sedona!
The Reiki-ssage I Workshop will be presented in Sedona in May 2004.  Watch this site for exact dates.  To get on our e-mail list enter your name and e-mail address here:
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