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The Reiki-ssage Concept

There Is A Difference!

What is Reiki-ssage?

The Reiki-ssage
System of Healing, created by Rick and Connie Vrenios, is based on the philosophy that we are much more than just a physical body. In fact, there are three primary components that comprise the human form: physical, energetic, and spiritual.

The Reiki-ssage Difference

Using this understanding and the Law of Cause and Effect, we recognize that traditional massage uses physical touch which results in physical responses within the client. Because of the integrated nature of the human form, changes in the physical body provide some benefit in the energetics and spirit, but these benefits are like indirect, ripple effects, although sometimes quite significant.

Much the same, energywork uses energetic touch to create responses in the energetic body. Like physical touch, there are benefits in the physical and spiritual bodies, but these are side effects resulting from the shifts in the energetic body. The same philosophy applies to spiritual healing.

Reiki-ssage uses a pure integration of hands-on body therapy, energy work and spiritual healing to create a simultaneous, Multi-Dimensional approach to healing. By directly affecting all three primary components of the human form at the same time, there is a much deeper relaxation response, a more dramatic and long-term healing response, an ease moving into the body changes, and a much stronger sense of well-being for the client afterward.

More than Effective Touch

By properly applying the Multi-Dimensional TouchTM used by Reiki-ssage, practitioners frequently find that they feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning! In addition, practitioners are trained to use simple, yet extremely effective adjustments in the way they use their body and provide touch to greatly enhance the client's experience during the session.

With the in-depth and practical understanding of the energy and the human form you will gain in the Reiki-ssage workshop, your ability to perceive and influence energies will be greatly enhanced. Throughout the workshop series, we present experiences and shifts in perception that will help to release the natural information filters and censorship we create for ourselves and that limit our ability to experience the full quality of energy.

Extraordinary Results

People who receive Reiki-ssage are finding better results than with traditional massage or pure energywork! They describe the benefits as "a massage** that keeps going for days", or "refreshing like waking up from a 10 year sleep". Countless people claim that "after Reiki-ssage, traditional massage will never be good enough again!" Migraines and body pain quickly disappear*. And currently, preliminary research is underway exploring the unprecedented effectiveness with Cerebral Palsy* patients. * Reiki-ssage makes no claim as a cure or treatment for any specific disease.

Reiki-ssage is much more than just another technique. It is blended within a complete philosophy and approach to healing that can support and strengthen any other modality of healing.

** In some states, only Licensed Massage Therapists are permitted to use the term "massage" to describe their work.  Reiki-ssage is not massage therapy, and use of the term massage in this instance is for accuracy in relating a direct consumer statement.

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