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Rick Vrenios

Rick Vrenios is a nationally recognized healer, speaker, and author.  His extensive resume includes being co-founder and current President of the Reiki Council.  He is author of numerous published articles on energy healing.  He is the author of the book Preventative Care & Maintenance for the Health of Your Practice, which will soon be released in its second edition.  Rick is currently working on his second book entitled Extraordinary Living Through Chakra Wisdom 

He has been actively involved and played key roles in national, state, and local legislative issues pertaining to the right to practice for Reiki practitioners.  He is a strong voice and proponent for integrity in natural therapies, particularly energywork.  Under Rick's leadership, the Reiki Council was the first U.S. Reiki Association to have the strength and organization to make available professional liability insurance for Reiki practitioners.  This achievement opened the doors of opportunity for thousands of practitioners to work in medical facilities nationally.

Rick is the healer called upon by healers.  He has been asked to work on respected, internationally famous healers and continues to serve in that capacity when needed.  Rick is a Licensed Massage Therapist in several states with advanced training in Neuromuscular Therapy.  He is a Master Student, Teaching Apprentice, and Practitioner in the art of Hawaiian Elemental and Spiritual Healing. 

As an educator, Rick has been an exceptional teacher of energy healing, meditation, and other metaphysical disciplines since 1985.  He co-created, and is the primary instructor for, the highly acclaimed Reiki-ssage Workshop Series.  He will soon be adding workshops based on his two books.  He has made multiple appearances on television as well as radio, and has been interviewed by major national magazines.


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